Break down large tasks into smaller pieces

... without losing track of high level goals

Screenshot of Break It Down

A way to break down tasks that matches how we think

A non-linear planning tool

There are seldomly only one way to reach important goals, and we have to be able to re-evaluate what we need to do as the project moves along, rather then being stuck in whatever we added to Trello/JIRA when we started off.

road sign

See the full picture

Break It Down allows us to visualize different possible paths to success and use our spatial intelligence to better reason about what needs to be done and when.

Do only what needs to be done

End up with concise TODO lists which include exactly what needs to be done to achieve high level goals and reach milestones along the way.


As simple as writing

Using Break It Down is as simple as writing down our goals and milestones and under each one list what needs to be done. Move tasks around, copy-paste, remove something, add something, it's all in the text.


  • Fast text-based editor
  • Visualized task breakdowns
  • Live collaboration
  • Community support
  • You support the project!
  • All basic features
  • Slack-based support
From $3 / month

Try it out yourself

(Best enjoyed using a full-sized keyboard and a larger-than-phone-sized screen)